Healthy Social Media is delivered by a cross-sectoral partnership led by New Lodge Duncairn Community Health Partnership; a high-profile coordinator of development projects which promotes social and economic inclusion through community initiatives. NLDCHP work with disadvantaged communities in which they operate through their delivery of community led health improvement initiatives directly addressing health inequalities. They will also be joined by international partners from Spain, UK, Belgium and Slovenia including FUNDACION LABORAL DEL METAL (FLM); an ISO accredited non-profit Spanish organization which has a strong youth mandate tackling economic and social exclusion alongside a range of actors making them ideal candidates to undertake the research on O1, contribute experiences and expertise for 02 & 03, and with direct access to the target group of young people, undertake a through testing of the OERs and App with 15 Spanish young people. From the UK Canice Consulting Ltd (CCL) is a private enterprise, experienced in international project work and proficient in the dynamics of teamwork in multilingual environments. CCL specialises in vocational training and innovation support for a variety of development initiatives, especially in relationship to innovative pedagogies and mobile education, leaving them responsible for the technical transfer (O2). Momentum (MMS) is an experienced Irish EU project partner, their expertise spans: needs assessments, materials origination and adaptations, undertaking targeted research, and development of supporting tools in transfer of course curricula and learning material. Increasingly, Momentum has invested in its competence to deliver m-learning products as research evidences that ‘hard to reach’ learners want to use the devices they are familiar with. As such they will work closely with CCL (O2) to adapt the OERs in the creation of O3 a dynamic and appealing Healthy Social Media App which will engage learners in a new way. EFVET (BE) is a European association promoting quality and innovation in Technical and Vocational Education and Training throughout Europe. They will develop the Dissemination and Sustainability Strategy and lead the project Dissemination. The partnership is completed by SPES Association for Cultural Relations; a Slovenian non-profit organization whose multidisciplinary activities in the fields of health, social development and education are aimed at motivating adults and young people to achieve a healthier way of life and an active participation in society. SPES will be responsible for the research for Slovenia for O1, contribute expertise, case studies and experiences for O2 & O3 and with direct access to the target group of young people undertake a through testing of the OERs and App with 15 Slovenian young people.